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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I’m out on my feet:
Graceless, the backhand slap of love
Has struck me
Firmly on the cheek

Fickle friend that it is
Now it cups its mouth and sniggers-
Eyes searching left and right
Seeking the approval
Of its conniver, unbridled joy

I imagine it mouths

And all the while, you hover
Silently, like a hawk
Looking over my shoulder, saying:
“God is not blind”

When I have witnessed
His indifference
Seen Him standing idly by
While loved ones have died

What foul work is it
That delights in the ebb and flow
Of hope and despair?

That encourages misery
To plague the thinkers;
Torment to prick
The ones who care?

There’ll be one extra space
On the bus to the next life-
I shan’t be coming, after all

Give it to the bombers
And their virgins:
Let them have a ball

Roll it around in your mouth

posted by Kirk at 1:11 am  

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  1. Awesome, disturbing, inspiring, depressing – all in one – love it

    Comment by Brian DeBruin — November 8, 2009 @ 6:49 am