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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Fill My Heart, By The Kaptain

Though far apart
You fill my heart
More deeply than appears
Forgive the hurt
I’ll not desert you –
I will dry your tears

If sad and lost
Know it’s the cost
Of love’s own sacrifice
The future brings us
Different things
For which we’ve paid a price

Be strong as men
If downcast when
You wonder where I am
Your broken hearts
Tear me apart
As every other man

On waves of love
I sail above
Their currents, strong and deep
The proof, my sons
One day will come –
My promises I’ll keep

You fill my heart
My mind, my soul
My every waking notion
Keep faith in me
However hard
To temper your emotions
You fill my heart
With love and pride
I miss your raffish smiles
What future
Lies ahead
If only you can wait a while

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