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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Number One Under Heaven (16)

Kate was not in the apartment when Blake returned later that night, now strangely sober, but feeling unwell and more than a little doleful. He gazed at the flowers he had sent, picking up the greeting card to read his own message to her.

Sorry, it read. Sorry.

Fucked up again. I’ve gone and fucked it up again, he pondered, now sorry for himself, too. Blake was unable to cry, although he desperately wanted to. He wished he could let go, to sob his heart out, release all his frustrations, re-calibrate his emotional gauge. Instead, he quietly moved to the bedroom, where he sat on the edge of the bed before roughly kicking off his shoes, discarding them carelessly on to the floor. Without removing any of his clothes he then laid back, his head nestling atop the plump cushions, and fell quickly into a deep and alcohol induced sleep…

“No tennis gear?” asked Tommy. “I’m not really in the mood,” Kate replied, unenthusiastically. “Sorry – but I’ve brought a bottle of wine.” She pulled the article from within a large designer handbag, to show him. “I thought we might… you know… go back to your place. And drink it.” Fresher now, her voice rose in pitch at the end of this sentence, as if she were asking a question. “Excellent idea. Awesome,” nodded Tommy, a glint in his eye. Without a further word, they walked side-by-side in the direction of his apartment, which was situated just a few blocks from the Club’s tennis courts. He turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open, gesturing for her to enter, before closing it behind them. Kate pounced on him in an instant, aggressively pushing her mouth against his, lunging with her tongue to lap around, inside. Pressed tightly together, their lips slid over each other in a frenzied dance, like mating snakes. She reached a hand down to feel for his cock, while biting around his neck and earlobes. Locating the steel hard member, now bulging in preparation to make good its escape from inside his shorts, she let out a moan. “Fuck me. Fuck me, come on. Please fuck me.” Tommy was excitedly pulling at her top to get inside and grope at her firm breasts. As they popped out from under her sports bra, he licked her erect nipples in turn, before sliding his mouth across her skin and up to her neck, where he bit her playfully, producing a soft moan from deep within. Drooling, she licked the air. But it was not oxygen she wanted to suck. Having managed to pull down his shorts, Kate now knelt to stroke his erection, cupping his balls with her other hand. She licked the tip of his stem, where the viscous drops of his seed were already beginning to bud. Salty. “Jeezus Chroist,” he gasped, as she then took him fully in her soft mouth. “Aaah… Oooh, babe… That’s fucking awesome…” “I want you now,” she said, suddenly withdrawing from him, to stand again. “Inside me. I need your cock inside me. Now!”

Taking her hand, Tommy led her into the lounge, where she fell back on to the sofa, legs splayed. One of these shapely limbs was now draped over the armrest, the other at an angle, so that her foot gained some purchase against the coffee table in front. He knelt in between them, lifting up her skirt to delight at the contrast between her crisp white panties and the soft tan of her skin. Wide-eyed, he slowly pulled down the undergarment, revealing for the first time the carefully tended, blonde bush that sat atop the mound of her vulva. Stooping to lick the slit immediately below, his tongue flitted expertly across her wet, aroused clitoris. “Aaah… Fuck!” she squealed, in ecstasy. “Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me. Come on. I want your cock… I want it in me, now. Please. Fuck me. Now…! Come on!” The tanned athlete was now eager to oblige, needing also to feel the sensation that was unsurpassed by any other in his experience. In an instant, his cock was resting on her clitoris, rubbing slowly against it. Without moving her gaze from his eyes, Kate reached down to position him correctly, before they jointly moaned as he thrust powerfully inside her, pushing so deep she felt him in her stomach. Rhythmically, he then set about gyrating his muscular body to some inner music playing in his Aussie soul. INXS, probably.

And Tommy proved to be every bit the lover she had imagined, combining his hard fitness with the finesse of a well-practiced performer. She climaxed with a scream just ahead of his first spurts into her hot and sated body, the sweat now dripping off his brow, his eyes closed in the bliss of the moment. There was nothing in her mind except the cloud on which she now floated. Not a thought for her alcoholic husband; no space for contemplation of her pretty seven-year-old daughter, now sleeping soundly in southern China.

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