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Monday, January 21, 2008

Through The Godless Hours (25)

In the end it had been easy for Detective Adi to make his decision. I am young enough, he reasoned, to reinvent myself in some other place should things get so… so sticky… that I’m forced to make a run for it. And let’s face it: the lure’s worth the risk – ten times over, in fact. And there’s another thing. I’m lucky. Always have been. Stay lucky, my boy… Ever confident, Adi was certain that he could try his hand at something else – anything in fact – should a quick escape be necessary, a forced exit require an abrupt change in his chosen career. And if the risk involved in what he now intended was high, then it was more than compensated for by the potential reward: a future without the need to undertake work by any common definition; one in which he would not be answerable to anyone – where he would be his own boss, devoting more of his time and energy to his favourite pursuits. Like women, for example.

Fundamentally it was this aspect – sheer greed, driven by his thirst for lifestyle – that tipped the scales of Adi’s judgment in favour of the darker alternative, persuading him to gamble everything he had built so far on what essentially would be a single throw of the dice. It was a strategy no less dangerous than the official task he had been given by his CI, but one that, on balance, had the potential to pay out a much larger jackpot for approximately the same stake.

But something that, right now, I have very little idea how to initiate, he confessed, inwardly. Lying on his hotel bed in the sleepy coastal resort of Parangtritis, he pondered the first-strike options that were available. And it was in this moment that Adi decided to make his move immediately, right there in the hotel, while he still held an element of surprise. Perhaps just as importantly, he did not want to give himself the opportunity to pause in reconsideration of his intentions. Stealing quickly from his room, he left the television switched on and returned to the lobby bar where the two men had now been joined by a pair of pretty young hookers – pre-ordered, no doubt, like takeaway convenience food.

Adi sat as close as he could without attracting attention, so as to better overhear the men’s conversation. Perching himself on a stool at the bar, he ordered himself a soft drink. His annoyance began to grow as he observed the pair revelling in self-congratulatory camaraderie. Drunk with the intoxicating cocktail of the closure of another deal, the flood of money it would bring, the alcohol and – cream on top – two slender and willing nymphs to play with, the snapshot image the Captain and his corpulent, Latino accomplice struck was composed of everything Adi desired. Unsurprisingly, what rankled most was the knowledge that the two pretty girls – now babbling away in their naïve excitement – would later risk more than they knew by compliantly following their sleazy hosts upstairs. It sickened him to contemplate the acts of shameless vulgarity they would perform within the privacy of darkened suite rooms, in order to gain their share of the action. And all of this taking place while he, the supremely honed Detective Adi, lay alone in his bed, with only thoughts for company. Fuck them, he swore inwardly, itching to do something to spoil the men’s enjoyment, to break up their party.

But as he continued to watch the ugly scene unfold, Adi made the wise decision, despite his mounting frustration, to postpone his first direct approach to the Captain. Life may be all about risk – one giant gamble, in fact, he lectured himself, while taking a further sip of his drink. But the timing of your actions can greatly influence the odds, one way or the other. For Adi needed to be assured of maximum impact in order to justify the risk he was about to take, and judging by the inebriated state of the Captain it seemed unlikely this could be achieved tonight. No, he continued to coach himself. I need the Captain – Captain ‘Fucking’ Farid, he quietly sniggered – to be absolutely sober for the biggest shock of his sorry fucking life. And that is evidently not the case at present. And there was also something else, he had begun to realise. Not wishing to frighten off the fat Colombian – a man whose continued involvement was, after all, an essential part of the plan – it occurred to Adi that he needed the Captain to be alone when making his move. So it would be a one-on-one encounter, then. Just you and me, he thought, weighing up his adversary with a discreet stare. The hairs on Adi’s neck suddenly stood up as he contemplated this. Jerked from his reflections he abruptly called for the bill, stepping down from his stool before moving away from the group, without pausing to shoot a final glance in their direction.

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