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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Through The Godless Hours (17)

Adi looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and beamed. Smothered in thick white foam, his chin reflected the white-blue light from a fluorescent tube: his perfect teeth shone only slightly less brilliantly. He had been deliberately easy on himself during his dawn workout, in order to leave some mid-morning energy for the girl who was now lying exhausted – and thrilled, he decided – on his bed in the adjoining room. When I die I want to come back as another gigolo Detective, he laughed, inwardly. Picking up his razor, he made a few splashes in the water-filled basin before raising it to his chin, carefully drawing it across the soapy stubble in strokes that followed the same pattern, day in, day out. Gradually, the foam was erased to expose the chiselled features that lay hidden beneath. The owner of a torso that women found irresistible, this athletic young man’s fitness level had reached a peak he would find hard to maintain throughout the rest of his life. Detective Adi Dharsta also possessed a clarity of purpose to match: in short, he was a man at the top of his game. And this was indeed fortunate, because today he would be needing to keep his wits about him.

The driver had spilled some interesting recollections of conversations overheard, of the shady characters the Captain sometimes met and of secret places to which he had been instructed to drive. But there were large gaps in this willing informant’s knowledge that Adi accepted as genuine, and to which he believed the answers could only be found through a visit to the coastal resort of Parangtritis. And so today, Adi would be boarding the same flight the Captain would take, and tail the man he had now heard described, over and again, as a heartless killer. A brutal and ruthless bully fuelled by a desire to inflict pain. A man who was unafraid to seek out and challenge any threat, however real or perceived, and who revelled in violence.

Adi rubbed a mildly scented cleansing gel into the pores of his freshly shaved cheeks before turning his attention to his hair, into which he worked a forming cream. His expert fingers curled the black locks into stylish tufts. Casting his gaze down to study his well-formed abdomen, where not an ounce of fat revealed itself, his thoughts returned to indulgent self-admiration. This is an invincible body, he determined. And then in the steamy silence, he looked himself directly in his mirrored eye… Fearless… I am a fearless and lucky man… he whispered, preparing himself for the hostility he did not doubt was to come… Stay lucky… Stay lucky, my boy… he continued to mouth, silently, his eyes now glazing over, his mind taking him somewhere else: to another, darker place. Adi quickly jolted himself from the strange, unfamiliar sensation that had begun to encroach – terror? – and instead sought urgent distraction. Returning to the bedroom to dress, he surveyed the nymph’s lithe body purring in a shallow slumber on his mattress. There it was. The poor girl had fallen asleep instantly at the end of their intense coupling, which it seemed to her had lasted the entire morning. Perhaps I took as much from Friday as she sucked out of me, the Detective grinned, his boyish mischief announcing a welcome return. Now unable to resist stroking a finger between her legs, Adi unintentionally roused her, the girl waking with a start. “Sorry, babe,” he whispered, as she turned away, moaning her objection to this rude intrusion – surely unnecessary, she felt, after their earlier excesses.

He dressed smartly for his journey in a light suit, worn over an open-necked shirt. With the aid of a shoehorn, he slipped on his favourite brogues, careful not to tread down the heel. A small, pre-packed overnight bag was situated by the door, which he picked up before quietly leaving, blowing a kiss on his way, in the direction of the girl’s naked back. ‘Friday’ was one of no fewer than six regular girlfriends he trusted with a key to his apartment. There had been seven, but Wednesday’s nose had detected his secret stash of Kretek, which the girl could not then resist pilfering. Living a simple bachelor’s existence, Adi had few possessions that were worth stealing: but he demanded honesty, refused to live within a cauldron of suspicion. And so there were presently just six, while he sought a midweek replacement. Six stunning local beauties who vied for his attention, each one accepting they were not the sole proprietor of this desirable property: that there were doubtless many others. And if one of them mistakenly turned up on the wrong day, while he laid in tryst with another? Well in that event, the cocksure Detective was certain that an accommodation could be made. He looked forward with considerable relish, in fact, to its inevitable occurrence.

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  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book

    Comment by BB girl — December 25, 2007 @ 11:53 am

  2. Lingual gymnastics from the zimbabwan militiaman …. love it MIK X

    Comment by dj — February 5, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

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