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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Through The Godless Hours (13)

The first time he really touched her it was with a tremulous, exploratory gesture that he gambled, laying a hand on the silken skin of her knee as she sat in the grass; her hemline resting higher on delicious, clammy thighs. For Daman, this could have been an awful moment of complete misunderstanding – of rejection and the end of an illusion. But no: the brown-skinned Kampung beauty had instead lain back, nervously at first, while staring at the blue nothingness of the sky. Her eyes darting about in a nervy dance, the girl’s facial expression suggested that she understood the role into which she had been cast, but was unfamiliar with the script. This sublime debutant would need to ad-lib most of her lines, then. Daman lay beside her and drew her close with a careful but strong embrace. For him also, this was a game of trial and error. Holding the girl close, he began to notice the tremors that were fluttering throughout her body. And at more or less the same time he began, similarly, to experience an involuntary stirring within his own. In an attempt to calm his agitated prize, he stroked Ramani’s shiny hair, before gently running his fingers over the fine bone structure of her cheeks. The diversion this produced enabled him to rein in his thoughts from the gallop at which they had set off, for instinctively he knew that this would be a distance race. Turning towards her, he hesitated for the briefest of moments before inserting the tip of his tongue between her slightly parted lips, licking around their perimeter. Then extending it further to meet hers, within, he was taken aback by the urgent, excited response that Ramani’s tongue flicked in return.

Tiny beads of sweat began to form on her brow as his nervous hand cautiously returned to her legs, this time daring to work its way up beneath her skirt and caress the heat that lay in between. And as he gently played with the mound through her white panties, he could feel the dampness slowly beginning to form there. Through consenting eyes she then invited him to slide his fingers over the elastic and down inside, where they encountered more sticky evidence of her growing excitement. Daman lingered – uncertain now – his breath quickening. A mild panic began to invade, mocking his lack of experience. Unsure of what to do next, he wished for an instant that he had given himself more time; that he had planned with greater deliberation the journey to this place, at which he had unexpectedly arrived. Instinctively, the girl gave him a sigh of encouragement, indicating that their intentions converged. Then in a slight but ancient gesture, she pressed against him, wordlessly urging him not to desist at this pivotal moment. Accepting his cue, Daman tugged inexpertly at her panties, his fumbling hands now shaking, while she reached down to help pull them off the ends of her bare feet. Slowly and with mounting anticipation, he then raised her skirt, drawing in the sweetness of her scent as she opened up fully, the grass beneath itching her bare and shapely limbs. Unzipping his jeans in haste, Daman had no time to remove them fully before pushing immediately inside, causing her to let out a muted cry. And as the girl contemplated this moment, a tear rolled sideways to drip from the lobe of an ear, while he exploded into her within a matter of just seconds.

Afterwards they laid for some time in post-coital embrace, the breeze gently rustling the grass around them and the leaves of the trees above, while the slick of his seed began to spread inside her, sticking to whatever it could find within this new and fertile environment. After a brief period of silence, the pair then spoke airily of the love their coupling had affirmed, and of future dreams. Theirs would be a world where harmony reigned supreme, their lifetime together a blessèd pact wherein nature itself endorsed their surmounting of a man made, societal divide. Confident that the world would embrace their union they later repeated the act, and then over again in the days that followed, until they had grown in their expertise, and become satisfied lovers. But the unnatural ways of man would soon conspire to wreck even the purest of their ambitions. For dark clouds were looming on the horizon.

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