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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bahrain Diary

All quiet on the eastern front. The Iranian werewolf in Bahrain never showed up, despite the perigee moon…

Drove over to Muharraq for a routine medical check-up (government requirement). Other than a few strategically placed tanks here and there, everything is back to normal. That said, it was strange to pass the Pearl Roundabout and see with my own eyes that the iconic Pearl Monument has gone. And the place good old Auntie insists on calling a square has been renamed “GCC Roundabout”. An attempt to airbrush events from history? Or – the official line – traffic flow improvement measures that were already in the pipeline? Who cares. It was a concrete monstrosity, after all.

You never know what to do when you’re low on fuel and there’s none at the pumps. One last throw of the dice and a jaunt up to the big gas station near the airport – surely they must have some there – or a quiet trundle home? I chose the latter. I’m back down to 68km to go – aaaarrrrgghh!

We’ve just heard that the schools will reopen tomorrow. A shame then, that half the teachers are still abroad, having fled at the first opportunity on the advice of the Foreign Office.

F.O., F.O.

And shame on those teachers. Where are their priorities? If their students are here and ready to get back to work, why aren’t they? As a particularly bristly friend of mine in Hong Kong used to bawl at the taxi drivers there: “Oi! I pay your fucking wages…!”

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