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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bahrain Diary

A new dawn and, with it, significantly less chopper action (in the air).

Managed to buy fuel, although the queue was long and it was rationed. My dashboard indicates I now have 170km to go. To where? Once around the island? Or three-and-a-half times to the airport and back? In the event, I settled for the offie/bottle shop, where I queued with the great unwashed as its shutters went up and down, allowing the hordes of eager punters to enter in successive batches.

The supermarkets have reopened although they’re full of panic-buyers. How many kids must that woman have that she needed to buy eight packs of frozen burgers? There’s no bread or milk, of course, and very little in the way of fruit and veg that hasn’t been picked up and squeezed a hundred times, only to be discarded anyway.

I found myself buying things I’d normally scoff at. Dundee cake, a tin of cock-a-leekie soup. (Never an Arab favourite, there was plenty of it on the shelves.) But then there was the prize purchase: a pack of unsmoked back bacon. (Yes, in certain supermarkets here they have special segregated sections, hidden away, where all manner of pork products are available to kaffirs like me.)

On to more serious matters, and some food for thought:

1: the opposition parties, portrayed by the BBC and other international newsmedia as “peacefully protesting against their lack of representation”, actually have 18 out of 40 seats in government.

2: education and medical care is free for all Bahraini citizens.

3: in Bahrain there is zero income tax and no VAT.

4: premium grade petrol is 25 US cents a litre (when available).

(Compare those facts with the situation in your own country of origin, and/or your current domicile.)

Faced with such “oppression” I’m not sure I’d camp out in the middle of a roundabout for a month demanding regime change, while refusing any form of dialogue.

But then again, the grass is always greener…

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  1. They must all be bonkers.

    Comment by Katherine — March 21, 2011 @ 2:24 pm

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