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Monday, May 25, 2009

It Comes In Waves

in the car it burst
– suddenly –
from the radio:

“stairway to heaven”, it rang

i sang with Plant –
knew his lines by heart:
like you, i can imagine

and the thrill i felt
was so fresh that
it felt at once sublime

as if his words
had met my ears
this sole, enthralling time

has anyone slipped me
a mickey?
viagra for the soul, maybe:
my senses so enhanced

now for no reason
i laugh at nothing:
tempted, next,
to entwine with the unholy
and unleash the darkness
from a heart that never once
has hated

and you know that
this cannot be me at all:
but it’s
“emergency on planet kirk”
after all

hence the sobbing, uncontrollably
while i try to find the faith in me

i look at her face
and search for words
to convey the way i feel

yet can summon little passion
for those missions
in which i must deal

oh yes, it comes in waves
all right

it comes in waves…

…colossal, drowning waves

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