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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Through The Godless Hours (75)

The dull green Timor banged into the kerb as it came to a halt, Captain Farid parking the vehicle unevenly outside the shabby building that was home to the brothel. I’ll fucking show them what to expect if they cross me, he seethed, while slamming the door shut with a tinny clang. Fucking dog turds. Hammering on the call button after entering the lobby, the uniformed officer glanced up to note that the building’s sole elevator was stationary, at the sixth floor: Endang’s Spa. Shit! With a loud bang that echoed up and down the shaft, he slapped his palm testily on the metal doors, causing them to wobble momentarily. It was a few seconds before the lights on the floor level indicator began to flick on and off, indicating the lift was, at last, descending.

Come on, come on… For fuck’s sake… Fuming inwardly, the Captain’s fragile patience was close to exhaustion. Rushing in as soon as the doors opened, he collided with a smaller man who was unfortunate enough to be exiting the lift. The hapless individual was almost knocked off his feet as their shoulders clashed heavily. “Out of my fucking way, you cunt!” the army man barked, as he frantically pressed the ‘close door’ button, his menace sufficient to prompt his victim to scuttle off in terror. Fucking lowlife scum, thought the Captain, smashing his hand once again against the panel of knobs.

Six floors above, Lulu was, meanwhile, fumbling her way along the snaking corridor. Although the place had been her home for several years, she had never quite become accustomed to the pitch darkness that shrouded Endang’s passageways. Reaching the reception area after what had seemed an eternity, the initial glare she attracted from the woman who was stationed there was replaced by a knowing look of sympathy, as the tears streaking her cheeks became apparent. “Ke mana, sayang?” asked the receptionist, softly. Where have you been? “Somebody hurt you?” the woman further enquired, some of her usual kindness returning to her face. Hearing her words, a number of the other girls ceased their twittering, terrified of the possibility that there had been another attack. The room fell quickly silent as Lulu began to speak: “I… I just want alone… For while…” Lowering her head so that she was looking down at her feet, she moved on, past the counter and down the gloomy corridor that led to her room. Arriving there, Lulu slowly pushed the door open, before flopping miserably on to her bed. How could he do that to me? she mulled, reflecting upon the appearance of ‘Sunday’ back in Adi’s apartment. I thought he was different…

Captain Farid burst from the lift in a spitting rage. Had it not been for the darkness, he would have sprinted along the winding passageways, all the way to her room. The room of the girl he had, by now, realised was the likeliest source of the prying Dick’s information. She’s the fucking nark, all right… I’m sure of it… he had surmised back in the car, while journeying towards Endang’s.

And her name, he remembered, was ‘Lulu’.

She had been good in bed, the Captain now recalled. Young. And tight. Not like some of the older girls. And her skin had felt like silk. Oh yes, this ‘Lulu’ girl was better than most, including that piece of shit Bonny, he thought. Way better. The way she would suck was– “Concentrate, you fucker!” he suddenly blurted, instructing himself aloud. “She’s scum, right? Dog shit!” And now I’m gonna fuck her, the Captain concluded, returning to his musings. Only this time, in a different sense…

Ignoring the girls that were hovering about in the marginally brighter reception area, Captain Farid took the opportunity offered by the rare intrusion of light to dash across the room and enter the corridor he knew would lead him to her. Startled, the receptionist emerged hesitantly from behind her counter, wary of following the man who had become an embodiment of terror in the eyes of the women who plied their trade at Endang’s. And the woman’s fleeting glimpse of the Captain as he had rushed past her station gave rise to further disquiet: for it was clear to her that the uniformed man had been in some kind of fight. His face was a mosaic of open wounds, and he was clearly furious about something. She knew she had to act, but how? Within moments, a posse of the other girls had crossed the room to join her. “Itu dia, n’gak? ’Pak Kapten?” whispered one, to a nod of affirmation from the elder woman. That was him, right? The Captain? Nothing else was said, as slowly and instinctively they crept forward as a unit, in the direction of the passageway that led to Lulu’s room.

Feeling a rush of air as her door swung violently open, Lulu looked up with a start. The sight that greeted her was nothing less than her worst nightmare. His face distorted by cuts and bruises, the uniformed figure of the reviled army officer stood in the doorway, grinning from ear to ear. Lulu covered her face in protection as, wordlessly, Captain Farid suddenly launched himself at her, raising an arm as if he were about to smash his fist into it. But instead, he pushed her down into the mattress, hard, leaning heavily on her chest, while at the same time grabbing at her throat. “Aaah…!” she gasped, trying to push away his powerful forearms. The waif could barely manage to exhale. “You… hurt… Lulu!” “Shut the fuck up, bitch!” he screeched into her face, through clenched teeth. “You think you can fuck with me? Tell that prick my secrets? Well now it’s your turn, you filthy, disgusting whore. You’re going to visit that slut of a friend you had, that parcel of filth who mocked me… betrayed me. In the place she now lives. I’m going to send you on a slow journey to hell, you piece of shit!” “Please, ’Pak Kapten,” she begged, in a manner that was eerily familiar to him. “Not to hurt me.” Standing again to stare hypnotically at his quarry – as a snake might survey a petrified mouse – the military man’s twisted smile returned. Effortless, he thought as he began to snigger, his eyes dancing around insanely. It’s all… so… effortless…

Suddenly, something hit his back so hard that it propelled him across the bed and into the opposite wall. Fuck! Dazed momentarily, the Captain lay defenceless as the gang of girls sprang upon him, beating him with anything they could lay their hands on. It felt like he was being attacked by an army of ants: swarming over him, they bit, scratched, kicked and punched; and despite his strength he found that each time he flung one of them off, the others had returned, and were tearing into him once again.

While he found it impossible to accept, Captain Farid Azasti of ABRI’s elite Marine Corps was being brutally outfought by a bunch of lowly women. Hookers, no less. And then, finally, as a random fingernail tore at his eyelid, almost spiking his eyeball in the process, the Captain fled from the room screaming, unable to stand the humiliation any longer. And as the blood dripped from wounds that were etched liberally across his face, he began once more to blubber the tears of a defeated soul.

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