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Friday, May 2, 2008

Through The Godless Hours (48)

He stood nose to nose with the Detective, eyeballing him intensely. He was so close that he could smell the gum Adi was chewing; hear his quickening breaths. “What do you want, you fuck?” he barked. Around the table, the family’s initial surprise at the intrusion was now forming into a mild horror at the scene that was unfolding. “Darling! Language, the chi–” his wife began to chirp, reminding him of their surroundings. “Captain Farid Azasti,” Adi cut in loudly, his voice as steady as he could muster, “I want you to explain to everyone here what exactly it is that you discuss with the Latinos on your visits to the coast…”

The Captain’s father began to rise from his chair, initially in anger at the rudeness of this incursion into the family’s regular Sunday gathering, but now with a growing expression of puzzlement as the words he heard were processed into meaning by his brain. And all around, the initial buzz that had swept through the restaurant was quelled to near silence, with all eyes fixed intently on the two opposing men, in fear and fascination together.

Out of nowhere, the incensed Captain suddenly lunged at Adi with a swiftness that caught the young Detective off-balance. For an instant, he felt the clutch of a powerful grip constricting his throat. But despite a fleeting sense of near-paralysis, the Detective somehow pulled free, to skip deftly behind another table – the occupants of which scrambled away, tripping over each other in their search for safety. Somewhat short of breath, Adi spat out his gum before wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “And then… why not tell… everyone… what happened… to your driver…?” he panted. “And all about… the whore who… knew too much… knew your secret…” Adi was on a roll now, his confidence returning. Captain Farid’s eyes widened as he instantly realised what it was the Detective knew… What was meant by his jibe…

The cunt is taunting me! he shrieked inwardly, at once rushing forward, his adversary’s words swimming in his mind. The Captain exploded with anger. “I will fucking kill you, you cunt!” he screamed, knocking over chair after chair as he frantically pursued the young Detective around the table. “Son!” The General was up on his feet, an arm outstretched. “Stop!” But the red mist had already descended to envelop the Captain’s head, suffocating his rational side. And when Adi then stumbled into a table, falling backwards to lie momentarily prone atop its surface, Captain Farid took his chance swiftly and without hesitation, diving on top of his tormentor, grabbing at his neck with a hand while smashing the fist he formed with his other into the young Detective’s face once – smack! – twice – smack! –…

Adi’s blood spattered both men’s shirts, provoking gasps from some of the onlookers. It seemed at this point that the contest would be very one-sided. But a third attempted blow then missed, connecting with the table instead, as the Detective managed somehow to wriggle himself free and twist away, crunching across the cluttered surface. Food and drink were sent flying as he rolled off the table and on to the floor – thud! – the Captain once more seizing the opportunity to dive on him. A sizeable crowd was now forming around them, as raw curiosity overcame the restaurant-goers’ initial terror. The violence of the encounter they were witnessing was simply too fascinating to miss, despite the fact that a good number of them were now shuffling about on legs of jelly.

Down on the floor, Adi’s resilience was beginning to show, as he switched to autopilot. This is what all the training is for… he began steeling himself, knowing that he had at least survived the brutality of the Captain’s initial onslaught. But the burn was already beginning to bite into the muscles of his arms, searing the flesh inside. A sting that was eye watering in its intensity. Come on… fight! he urged. For to give in now would be nothing less than to accept death’s invitation.

Adi was acutely aware that Captain Farid would never settle for simple victory: for the soldier, every challenge was a fight to the death. Come on…! He also knew that his adversary would be unafraid to die, particularly at a moment like this, when he was running on dark instinct rather than logic. And there was another reason that dying held a strange kind of fascination for the Captain, Adi realised. For in death’s release, his misery would end. And it was true: Captain Farid’s secret would be obscured, forever, were he to perish in this violent encounter. Fuck! Detective Adi needed to up the ante. Fast. “Bencong! Faggot…! You fucking faggot!” he hissed in the clutch, his mouth now pressed against the side of the Captain’s sweaty face. Adi’s vulgar tease hit home with a force and accuracy that was sufficient to send his opponent into a new level of rage, as if he might burst.

By now, the pair had wrestled halfway across the room from where the Captain’s family had been sitting. Back at the table, the two young boys were now standing on the far side, held in a protective embrace by their father, who sat gawping in disbelief at what he was witnessing. The Captain’s wife sobbed into her hands, matters having reached a depth to which even she had not imagined they could sink. His father, the General, stood frozen – upright but unable to move. It was like a sepia tone portrait of some family drama that had been captured from history. No-one in the cavernous dining hall of Sate Blora could predict what would happen next. Over and over, the two adversaries continued to roll across the floor, now hitting up against the leg of a chair, which Adi grabbed with an outstretched hand in an attempt to bring it crashing down, on to the Captain’s head. To his dismay, the flimsy article cleared his adversary completely, coming harmlessly to rest just beyond him.

Then gaining leverage from the table’s edge, Captain Farid suddenly pulled free. He clawed at the cloth in order to pull himself up, spilling food and drink on to the floor in the process, and shattering crockery everywhere. The rage within him rose once more to the surface as, with a swift and instinctive motion, he callously aimed a kick at the prone Detective’s head. Adi was fortunate to spin away, vitally, at the very last moment. Breathing hard, the Detective now pushed himself back up on to his feet, grabbing at a glass from the table and hurling it in the same movement towards the advancing Captain. The soldier barely flinched as it struck him fully in the chest, sending a shower of glass and water spinning away through the tense atmosphere of the room. With reserves of energy that were seemingly inexhaustible, the Captain then lunged once again, his teeth bared, this time catching the tiring Detective with a powerful body punch. Adi’s audible wheeze cast further grimaces on the faces of the captivated onlookers, who dared not move. The Detective doubled up, blood still dripping from his nose, as the Captain aimed another brutal kick to his head, a blow that was slightly misdirected, glancing off one side. The Detective’s cheek was grazed, but he had at least escaped the crushing of bone that was intended.

And when the Captain then made to pounce on him once again, Adi somehow produced a well-timed uppercut from somewhere deep within, catching his assailant on the point of his chin, dazing him momentarily and allowing the Detective to advance. Seizing his opportunity, he now grabbed and twisted his military foe around, pushing him towards the exit doors, scratching at his neck as he gained momentum, falling forwards unsteadily but grappling ever harder and faster as he pressed home his new found advantage, forcing his stumbling opponent closer and closer to the escape that beckoned outside until, with a heavy trip, the two combatants fell in a graceless and violent embrace into Sate Blora’s glass doors.

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