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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Number One Under Heaven (28)

Blake awoke to an otherwise empty bed. It was already after ten and as his mind clunked wearily into gear he suddenly recalled that Kate had not been at home when he returned in the early hours of the morning. Where the fuck is she? he thought, as he abruptly sat upright, his legs swung over the side of the bed. His head was pounding as usual, while his stomach sank as the only logical explanation for her absence registered in his mind. Just then, the clattering of pots rang out from the kitchen, at which Blake rose to investigate. She’s back. The mild euphoria he felt upon hearing this sound of domestic normality was tempered by the knowledge that his next conversation with Kate would need to strike a careful balance. On the one hand, he knew she was either cheating on him, or intending to, and wanted to have it out with her, get everything on the table. On the other, he desired to keep the conversation as civil as possible, lest she question his own whereabouts for most of the previous night. There was also the problem of revealing to her at some point the recent adverse developments in his carefully planned career. An unfortunate sequence of events that apparently led nowhere.

For her part, Kate had also decided that civility was the best approach. She had calmed down significantly since returning to the apartment at around six a.m. to find her husband snoring in bed. She had grabbed a few hours’ sleep herself, in Sophie’s room. Cuddling one of her daughter’s teddy bears, Kate had admitted to herself that Tommy was not a long-term prospect – he seemed over her already, in fact. Almost as quickly as he climaxes, she mentally added – spitefully, and without truth.

But her resolve to leave Blake and take Sophie back to England was unwavering, even after some deep soul searching. Naturally, she did not plan to discuss this with him, however. No: Kate would snatch her daughter away from school at the next opportunity and take her straight to the airport to catch the first available flight home. With her mind made up, she would curb her emotions in the meantime, suppressing the anger she felt towards her husband and to Sunny Cape life in general, so as to avoid any major incident, or scene. And although Kate had long ago resigned herself to the fact that a normal family weekend was no longer achievable, she was determined that this last one they were destined to spend together would produce no upsets – nothing that might threaten her intended course of action.

It was while she was mulling this over in her mind that Blake startled her from her thoughts with his sudden appearance at the kitchen door. “Sorry, Kate,” he quickly apologised, realising that he had made her jump. “It’s all right. You just surprised me, that’s all. Can I make you a cup of tea?” she replied, guilt-ridden in the knowledge of what she was planning. “That would be nice.” To Blake, she sounded conciliatory, which was a relief – if also something of a surprise. “Aren’t you going to the office today?” she then asked. “Look–” he began, wanting to tell her everything, to get it off his chest. But Kate cut across him. “It’s OK, I was only asking. I’ve no need for explanations. You need a break, anyway.” Blake raised his eyebrows at his last comment – Kate’s sudden empathy a one hundred and eighty degree about-turn from her previous position. Why’s she being so reasonable, all of a sudden? he thought, now a little suspicious. “Kate, I’ve been thinking. What…er, what are you doing for lunch? We could do something special…if you like?” “Oh. Sorry, Adam. I’m supposed to be meeting a few of the other Mums. We’re getting together before the school party returns this afternoon. A sort of last chance to relax before the terrors get back,” she informed him, manufacturing a chuckle. “Oh, OK then,” Blake replied, a little deflated and now growing weary of trying.

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