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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Through The Godless Hours (47)

Adi knew that Sate Blora was the regular Sunday haunt of his quarry. He had observed Captain Farid visit the place at this time, like clockwork, during the weeks of surveillance he undertook while contemplating his first move. Stepping down from the car on to the red kerbside earth, the dusty ground now being patted down by raindrops that were falling in ever larger splashes, he mentally rehearsed the opening lines of his impending showdown with the evil low-life inside. Adi wanted to ensure that he gave no opportunity for comeback – that there were no flaws in his attack. No longer seeking to negotiate, he now sought closure, and a fresh start.

Leaving his car unlocked, he walked slowly towards the entrance door, acknowledging with a friendly nod the young newspaper vendor who was sitting at his stall just to the right of the restaurant. The boy held a plastic sheet above his head, in protection from the escalating downpour. Under normal circumstances, Adi would have stopped to chat and make a purchase – ‘done his bit’ to support the boy. But today he was in no mood for small talk; he had no time to spare. Instead, he walked on past before pushing through Sate Blora’s entrance door, entering from the rain into the bustling eatery.

“Do you have a reservation?” asked the pretty receptionist. “No… No,” he replied, a little absently. “I’m just looking for someone,” “Oh. You’re joining a friend?” the girl persisted. “Not exactly.”

Adi moved cautiously into the main dining area, glancing left and right. The room was larger than he had figured, based upon its outside appearance, and it was busy. Packed to the rafters, in fact. Shit! If this doesn’t go as planned, a lot of people could get hurt, he now worried. After a few nervy moments in which he almost resolved to abort the mission he located the Captain, who was sitting at a large, round table in one corner of the restaurant. A shiver ran through him as he once more weighed up his adversary. The bastard was grinning, while bending something metallic – a fork? – in his hands, releasing pent-up, nervous energy. As Adi’s view broadened to include the peripheral, he saw that there were more people sat at the table than he had anticipated – around ten, he guessed, including two young boys. Children… Damn! He had not bargained for that. But the show would go on, in any event. He had not come this far to turn back, a coward. His heart began to race and his breathing quickened. A wave of nausea swept over him as his stomach sank. His legs, now heavy as lead, only reluctantly obeyed his instructions to walk towards his target, the beast of a man he had grown to loathe. Falteringly he continued his approach, stopping suddenly when about three metres from the table, as the Captain caught him in the corner of an eye. The army man swivelled his head rapidly to the right, to look directly at him. Adi saw that his nemesis was once again seething in disbelief, reacting just as he had at the breakfast table, back in Parangtritis.

I can’t believe the audacity of this prick! thought the Captain, as he sucked in a lungful of air through clenched teeth. Every time he’s on my mind, he seems to suddenly appear, out of nowhere. What the fuck is he? Some kind of fucking phantom? Captain Farid rose stiffly, catching the edge of a plate on his belt and upsetting a glass of water in the process. Crash! – it toppled over, the water dripping over the table’s edge and on to the floor. “Darling, are you–” the Captain’s wife began to address him, but he was already moving away from the family table, slowly but deliberately crossing the space between him and the jerk who had the outrageous nerve to disturb him. Captain Farid’s body was now as rigid as forged steel, his neck taut as wire, arched, like a cobra ready to strike, not if but when, not just someday but very, very soon. It was time to end this torment. To get rid of this pebble from his shoe.

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