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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Number One Under Heaven (25)

Elle woke with a start, her head pounding. It had been an unusual day, the previous one. Rare for her to write off an afternoon like that. And there was something else, too. It had been a day that heralded the moment she let another man touch her. When she had finally admitted that she would never be able to patch it up with her estranged husband. The day that the exclusive club of men who had known her intimately was swelled by one. There were still only a handful of members, but she had waited long enough, she felt.

Shit! she suddenly thought, as she surveyed her reflection in the bathroom mirror. The memory of her slightly awkward tryst with Blake had crystallised in her mind, causing her to wince. What must he think I’m like? Elle popped two Panadol Extra into her mouth before swilling them down with a large glass of water, almost gagging as the acrid pills struggled to swim down her throat. Cupping her hand, she then sniffed in a lungful of her cigarette and wine breath. That’s disgusting! Retching, she spat out the bile that had crept up from somewhere into the back of her mouth, before cleaning her teeth twice in rapid succession.

It tasted a little better, but her head continued to throb and she was fast becoming nauseous. “Never again, do you hear?” she chastised her reflection in the mirror. But her reprimand was related to the previous day’s alcohol intake, rather than any prohibition to link up again with Blake. A smile flashed quickly across her captivating features, just like the one that had attracted the many suitors she had rejected while keeping a candle burning for her absent husband. Then, at the sudden memory of his infidelity, she became melancholy for a second, her eyes staring off absently, through the mirror. But she rejected this uninvited mood swing and returned her thoughts to Blake. What was it about him that had attracted her when she first laid eyes on him in Bar George?

Elle thought about what he had done to her, blushing at how quickly she climaxed before rolling away from him, shyly, needing to curl into a ball after coming with such intensity. She reflected upon how the whole episode had come about. His initial helplessness in Bar George, where he had fallen from his stool in a drunken stupor: her surreptitiously slipping a name card into his jacket pocket. Accepting his subsequent invitation to lunch, while shutting down her business for the day, irresponsibly. Unusual for her. Then drinking with him all afternoon, before virtually dragging him into her bed. I positively laid out a red carpet, she mentally confessed. Why? Why him? But Elle had no reasons for her decision, after years of abstinence, to choose this particular man to break the spell of her celibacy.

“He’s honest,” she blurted, out of nowhere. “Different to the rest.” I hope, her mind chimed in, nagging at her fears that Blake, too, had the potential to betray her. “Well he’s good at it, anyway.” She chuckled, despite the hammers that banged away in her head. “So I’m going to have some fun along the way, even if it does all end in tears. Right, girl?”

And while neither she nor Blake could predict the circumstances that were about to unfold, the instant connection between them would come to form the anchorage that would help Blake survive the worst storm he would ever experience in his life.

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