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Friday, April 11, 2008

Through The Godless Hours (44)

Adi lay atop his bed, fully clothed. A myriad emotions lined up to walk through his mind: anger, hate and love among them. But it was self-loathing that was winning the day. Why did I lead that poor sucker to his death? Didn’t I realise that he would end up as some kind of sacrificial lamb? A macabre signal from the faggot Captain, indicating that I was out of my depth? And did I really care what happened to the poor bastard? He tried to think of Lulu, but failed – making a pact with himself, however, to return to that topic as soon as he could. For a flame had begun to burn there, and this was something he had subconsciously determined would not be snuffed out. Right now, though, he had urgent work to conclude. The business of revenge: that of righting a wrong. And moreover, of preventing further repetition. Captain Farid had to be exposed, eliminated, whatever. In the half-light of dawn, Adi then hatched his plan.

As was habitual, he moved through into the bathroom to speak to his reflection in the mirror. “You have to make a move before he does,” he told himself. “Because he will. He’s already upped the stakes – he’ll try and do it again. Soon.” You’ve always been lucky. Stay lucky, my boy, he then thought, seeking to reassure himself, while pumping out his chest. There had been a time when Adi visualised his interaction with the Captain in black-or-white terms. But now there was a third option, and its colour was red. He knew that he must act, lest his ruthless adversary come instead to make his own kill.

Adi entered the shower compartment and set the temperature to high. The scalding water stung as he scraped himself a new skin with the loofa. He wanted to punish himself, to feel some pain. For today was going to be a new start. Today, I’m going to do something that I will cherish for the rest of my life, that will set me on a new and better path, he thought, naïvely visualising the simple execution of his campaign. Today, I’m going to change the world. My world. In his mind, he saw an image of his hands around the Captain’s neck, throttling the life from the bastard’s limp body, while a group of enthusiastic onlookers cheered him on. He was no longer looking to negotiate with this monster, to gain a share of the illicit gains he had once lusted after. No. He was simply going to crush him. To put him out of sight – for ever.

Adi rubbed firmly as he then towelled himself down, ensuring that no dampness remained in any crevice of his muscular torso. Inserting a new blade into his razor, he then carefully drew it across his chin in the same manner as always, leaving none of the foam or the rough bristles behind. As he then rubbed the scented gel into the shiny skin of his freshly shaved face, he suddenly felt at the very peak of his game – supercharged, even – and ready to go out and do battle.

Stay lucky, he once more reminded himself.

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